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Our team is at your disposal for any service which may enhance your stay – as   examples, we can arrange specialised trips within the Algarve or further afield to  Lisbon/Cascais/Sintra or organise the hire of a car/scooter/bycicle to facilitate your enjoyment of the area.

On a sunny day we highly recommend a boat trip to the caves, where you can also enjoy a meal on board in a maritime environment. 

Last but not least is the well-being you will feel after our Ayurvedic massage.... a unique blend of aromas, natural oils and candles will turn your massage into a highlight of your stay.

Montinho de Ouro's facilities: Restaurant; bar/lounge, laundry service, parking area, tennis court, and an Adult’s and children’s swimming pool.



Montinho de Ouro - Luz, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal